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GET READY CPR/AED Training Courses and First Aid Kits

Dear Fundraising Committee Member,
Get Ready Emergency Training is the leader in Emergency Response Programs.
Medical emergencies occur everyday. Are you Ready?
Get Ready has assembled a series of first aid kits to suit most people and groups.

We include first aid kits for sale and have a fundraiser profit of 33% on the products (please view one of the following customer and program information documents for details).

Ultimate CPR/AED Training Flyer please print off a copy of this flyer to take to your meetings or to pass around to those in your organization to obtain interest levels before moving forward.

GET READY CPR/AED Courses and First Aid Kits

Offer your parents, students, and community an opportunity to be trained in CPR/AED by our certified health care professionals and raise money for your group at the same time. Allow those in your community to be prepared when the time comes and provide them with all of the knowledge and tools to save lives. Finally a fundraising program that focuses on saving lives and building safe school communities. View the complete program outline below.

GET READY-Save-A-Life First Aid Courses and First Aid Kits Ultimate Corporate Save A Life Fundraiser Program Info

All public buildings should have an AED in them with staff trained on how to use them effectively in the case of an emergency. Let us work with your organization and train your staff and those who frequent your work place. This is a fundraiser that focuses on saving lives and building safer work places. View complete details on line.

See the GET READY - Save-A-Life First Aid Kits here.

There is a great need for organizations to raise money and to get ready for medical emergencies. Now you can with our SAVE-A-LIFE First Aid Kits. View the complete program outline below.

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