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Ultimate Sustainable Fairly Traded Coffee Fundraiser


13 Selections of 1lb Fairly Traded Coffee, 12 Tea Selections and 3 Hot Chocolate Selections



Sustainable Income Plan

Your school can provide your supporters with a service with a consumable product. The beverages (coffee, smoothies, teas, etc) can be ordered on the first week of each month and delivered during the third week of each month. When you go to deliver the order you simply ask the supporter at that time if they would like to place their re-order for next month and write a post dated check to the school. Let your supporters know that their orders will be delivered the third weeek of the following month as well.

By doing this you are now creating a sustainable form of fundraising that does not interfear with any of your other fundraising efforts due to the fact that you are providing a service with a consumable product.

The revenue that your school can make each month is great but multiple this amount by 10 months and you are looking at raising substantial funds. A school with 100 families purchasing an average of 5 items each will make approximately $2500/month and $25,000 over the year. That is a great profit and fundraiser!!

$100 Bonus for 500lbs sold. Sell 500 bags of coffee and your group will receive a $100 bonus.

Group Profit

The group profit is $5 a bag for coffee and $1 on the tea and hot chocolate sales. Emphasis is on coffee sales.

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